May 1st, 2008


"Tra la la!" or "It's Maaaay"

It's May! It's May! The lusty month of May! Not really. May started for me with my back and neck totally siezed up. It had been progressively more sore the last few days...not sure quite what I did but last night was horrendous trying to sleep and I was near tears this morning I was in so much pain. I couldn't sit up, I couldn't prop myself up on my elbows... trying to get up or down from a lying position was excruciating...even walking was jarring.

Lisa rubbed some IcyHot type of stuff in my back and gave me a bit of a massage before she had to leave for work and that...and then a few more hours asleep flat on my back did wonders. Lisa came home from work early and coddled me a bit which also was much appreciated. I'm still stuff but I'm able to bend a little bit and at least sit up without it being agonizing.

I've been busy the last week. I did an opening for The Ed Morrisey Show (online daily political show) and now I've been cranking out some illustrations for a kids site. I got another gig lined up for this weekend which (ha ha ha) shouldn't take TOO long. (pbhtt...who am I kidding, it always takes longer than you think.) Getting nervous and cranky about the last one...I'm still waiting on the majority of assets to get started on that.

So, with the work and my progressively hurt back and neck, you'll note Red Sparrow hasn't been updated this week. I aim to correct that. I got the next month or so plotted out and I'm excited where the story is going.


Lawrence and Annette have been married a year. Boy that went fast. Happy anniversary you guys! Wonder where you'll be next year!