November 16th, 2007


"Settling In" or "Some thoughts on living in someone else's space"

It has been a busy, busy week. Between unloading my stuff on Monday (an activity for which I am still a bit sore) and then unpacking this week (BOOKS!) and going through animation tutorials and sending out emails and trying to familiarize myself with the new neighborhood and getting some drawings done...I've been pushing pretty hard. It's been good though. Fun putting things together.

Tonight we are expecting 30 some odd people over as Lisa has her once a year "Thanksgiving Friday Night Thing." She has a "Friday Night Thing" for the women in her congregation once a month but in November the boys are invited. For me, this means, GET THE HOUSE CLEAN. Obviously I am my mother's daughter but few things are as motivating for cleaning, organizing and decluttering than the threat promise of company. The place is not exactly large so any little piles of clutter have got to be dealt with and put away.

I also want to deep clean the kitchen. Got a lot of that done last week (the fridge was grossing me out) but there are waaaay too many appliances out on too little counter space. Need to find places for everything. Every little bit of counter space with THINGS on them drives me a little crazy.

It's hard though when you move into a space where one person has already been living. They know where things are, they have their own way of doing things and even though they say "make yourself at home, you live here now too!" you feel like you are invading and constantly overstepping your bounds. And by "you," I mean "ME."

Also I have a mountain of potatoes to peel and another few mountains of laundry to wash. Wheeee!


In other news, what do I think about that creepy new motion capture movie?

I like my Beowulf better.
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