November 6th, 2007

San Fran

"And Now, the Rest of the Journey" or "I made it!"

Well, I made it. Huzzah!

We were finally underway Saturday afternoon/evening after getting my old place cleaned up and stopping by my parents to pick up Beowulf. My mom was very teary to see me underway. We will be seeing her at LMA's for Thanksgiving in a few weeks so that will be nice. Also nice...a final raid on the garden and a bag full of tomatoes.
It was a really beautiful drive the first few hours driving straight into the sunset.

Wulfie handled it really quite well. We kept him in his carrier the first bit and then let him out. As per usual he wanted to sit on the driver's lap which was fine but eventually we put him in the back where we had made up a little bed/area for him. He settled in behind the driver's seat and seemed content to look out as the darkness whizzed by.

We started getting tired so pulled into Lovelock NV. The first place we stopped at...was locked and even after knocking on the door (which SAID "Open") and nobody came so we went down the road a little bit to the next one.
We were met by a dumpy little man who looked like he had been sleeping in his toupee (it was totally askew on his head) and no shirt on over his garments but he was very sweet, quickly checked us in and after a much needed shower we were asleep.

We were on the road again the next morning and Wulfie was MUCH more yowly. I can't blame him...that's a long time to be in a moving car.

We got into San Fran a little bit before 2:00 and I kept trying to hustle Lisa so we could get her to church.

Her congregation was going to be voting on a new pastor (hence the reason for LEAVING at 6:30 at night and not really being able to sleep in in the morning!) and I was going to be hanged if we were going to miss it. Also coming from an all volunteer religious tradition I was a bit curious about the process.
We got downtown, had to scramble around for a parking spot...parked...walked briskly, broke into a run and got into the building...just in time to have the vote be over.

Sunday evening we found the LDS chapel...which turned out to be exclusively Phillipino & Spanish. I might pop in on the Spanish ward every so often but I think I need to find the English speaking ward as well this week.

We were both exhausted...and day light savings now makes it dark outside shortly after 5:00 so we went to bed.
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San Fran

"Monday Monday" or "When do I quit feeling like a visitor?"

Lisa had to get to work Monday morning leaving me to putter around the house. It was nice having such a low key day after feeling I had had been sprinting for so long.

That evening Annie (one of the interim pastors at Lisa's church) came over and blessed the house and then we went out to dinner. It was a really pleasant affair with some very real conversation. Being only an observer and not part of the regular congregation I asked her about things I had noticed, questions I had had etc. She was impressed with my "dead on" observations...but I think a lot of it stems from having been a missionary as well as general innate curiousity.

All in all it was a pretty sedate day. I still feel like I am visiting and wonder how long it's going to take for that to wear off. Having my quilts as well as my cat here helps quite a bit.
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"Word Games" or 24 Hours 2007"

The 24 hour comic challenge this year was a much harder affair for me this year than it has been in years past. The previous two years were held at Night Flight in Library Square and I made a point of grabbing one of the smaller card tables in the back. This year I was on a long table at the new location and that, coupled with being sick made it increasingly hard to focus. I feel like the story is rambling and I never got the "aHa! This is where the story is going!" moment. Each page was a challenge.
And here's the thing...I can handle boys. I can handle boys (of whatever age) when they get together in groups and try to out alpha the other. I can handle the profanity, I can handle the crude conversation...I can deal with it. Honestly. BUT NOT FOR 24 HOURS.
I felt like I needed to go home and do some sort of emotional cleanse. Instead I went home and collapsed in bed.

But still...I *FINISHED* For the third year running, 24 pages and a cover. Go me. This year's foray is what I hope will be the final chapter of my "Puzzles trilogy." Another year has passed in the lives of Evan, Junghwa, Oscar, Joyce, Jules and L.J. As always I was surprised where things went and again, while I feel this years entry is even more rambling than last year's "Loose Threads" I do like where the characters ultimately end up. It feels like a solid first draft. (More on that later)

Anyway, it's up! Thanks to fallenpegasus for his coding and getting this up and going for me!


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