September 23rd, 2007

Flying Ace

"Do doaaah" or "Saturday doings" or

It has been a productive and yet decadently lazy day.

I woke up and did some blitz cleaning including my bathroom and some very thorough dusting as well as working in the kitchen a little bit. Lisa and I also pushed several loads of laundry before heading up Big Cottonwood Canyon to see the leaves.

Being a California girl seasons seem to be a bit of a novelty to her. It was a beautiful drive despite getting increasingly overcast. We stopped several times for pictures and to get better looks at things. Really a lovely, lovely day. The air was crisp, the colors bright.

Heading home several hours later we putzed around for a bit more and then because it's Saturday, had a nap. Le big big sigh.

In the evening we went to Nightmare on of the seasonal spook alleys. We went last year so it was interesting seeing what had changed (not much) and what was new (a few really cool things.)
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