July 12th, 2007


"Krav Gang" or "Guess which one would actually be scary in an alley!"

  You wanna piece a' dis?

Made it to class last night.  I was rather nervous having been sick and the first half of class was really exhausting but it did wonders for me.  I think working up a really good sweat and hacking out a grotesque amount of colored phlem wound up being good for my system.

After class Gina (the smaller woman in black) had Lisa snap a picture of us.  She's little...but man, she is freakishly strong and can totally kick my butt.

Lexie (the girl in white) has come SO far since October.  She's lost a significant amount of weight, she  does everything with SO much more confidence and boy, she's gotten strong!
Flying Ace

Jett, Lisa& the McCloud Family

Jett, Lisa& the McCloud Family
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Here's my favorite shot from Saturday at Night Flight. Me and Lisa and the rest of the McCloud family. Ivy is at my right, underneath is Winter and Sky and that's the famous Scott McCloud to my left.

I love how he wears the plaid shirt/jacket just like he draws himself.

They're an incredibly cool family and Sky is 14 going on 30. She wants to be the next Joss Whedon and I'm excited to see what she produces in the future.

Ivy is such a bubbly sweetheart and I loved that she spent so much time talking to a virtual stranger and telling story after story after story.
Flying Ace

"Daily Doodle" or "Feathers McBird"

  "Bird, Exotic type"

This was greatly influenced by looking at a bunch of Lisa's pictures from Costa Rica last night.  It serves to remind me I need to concentrate on better backgrounds.  I like the bird.  If I were redrawing it I'd pay more attention to composition...the caterpillar wouldn't be such an afterthought.

Drawing Time: 5-10 minutes


What do you think sirs?