May 18th, 2007

Flying Ace

"End of Day IV" or "The Scale sez..."

I made it to karate last night and found myself still full of energy.  My sensei and his wife have both commented on how much better I look and are pondering doing the cleanse which was cool.  They asked me a few questions.  I told them to really try and eat clean the week before to help prep their system.

After karate I went to the gym, mostly because I wanted to hop on the scale and take a gander.  I haven't been sure how much weight I've lost but I've noticed my gut has shunk considerably and my clothes are fitting better.

*NOTE:  I am doing this for the cleanse, not as a crash diet*

SIX POUNDS.  Seriously, six pounds gone.  THAT was encouraging.


The rest of the evening was uneventful.  I tidied my room, I drank my tea, I went to bed.

Overall I feel really good.
Flying Ace

"Day FIVE" or "Halfway there!"

I woke up about 4:30 with my gut twisting around but it wasn't as painful as it has been in days past.  I felt it gurgle around in slight discomfort for a half hour or so and then had to quickly trot to the bathroom. 

More solid stuff came out...nothing like As Seen On The Internet...but solid enough to know that's it's been lurking in my system for who knows how long.  YEW.  The smell wasn't as bad as it has been in days past.

Just had my SWF...and I added another spoonful of salt to see if it will flush faster.  Now I'm sitting here trying not to throw up.  Go out the OTHER end y'all!  I have read some people like to lie down on their right side after drinking their salt water to hurry the process along.  Perhaps I'll try that tomorrow to see how it goes.

I feel I'm fighting a cold and I'm hacking up mucus to beat the band.  Apparently this is a detox symptom.  Shall embrace it and keep the kleenex close.
Flying Ace

"Cleanse Update" or "Powers I don't want"

I had to make a quick stop to the grocery store.  Quick because the smells were overpowering.  I was surprised I was able to smell as well as I head and nose have been running all day and I'm still feeling like I'm fighting a cold.  Most of the store smelled like really strong  powdered doughnuts.  I felt like suddenly my sense of smell was a superpower.

Actually most superheroes with "sensitive smell" ala Wolverine I just feel bad for.  I don't *want* to smell everything.

In other news I've had to make SO many runs to the bathroom today.