May 16th, 2007

Flying Ace

Day II and so far of III

I've had plenty of energy all through this and seem to be dodging the bullet that is "caffeine headache withdrawal."  I was also expecting to be wanting to gnaw my arm off yesterday for hunger pangs but honestly nothing too bad.  I have read the first three days are the worst.  I keep waiting for the shoe to drop.  Of course I pretty much gave up sugary things at the start of the year as well as having done the first two weeks of South Beach before this.  South Beach does wonders to help eliminate sugar cravings so I'm sure that had something to do with it.

I've BEEN craving CHIPS!  Flavored spinach and asparagus chips one buys at Target...or cheesy salty things from Doritos...even the lime Tostitos. 

The worst part of it is the stomach cramps that come from the laxative tea and trying to chug down the SWF in the morning.  It wasn't as bad today as it has been the previous two but I still don't recommend it for parties.  Yuck.


I've been a little worried about today since things don't seem to be flushing through at the rate they have in days past.  My SWF didn't exactly flush...and the thought that my body actually absorbed all that salt water just grosses me out to no end.  I've had to go to the bathroom a lot less today.  Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing or simply a thing.

I haven't really been HUNGRY today but I am getting a little bored with the lemonade.  I bought some limes over lunch and they seem to be a lot more pulpy.  Maybe I didn't have them in the blender long enough.


I'm realizing more and more my issues with food are "I am bored."  It's quite a reality check to realize how MUCH snacking I do simply because the food is there.  There's so much in the break room right now it'd make your head spin.

I had to stop at my folks house yesterday and the Very First Thing I wanted to do when I walked through the door was go to the fridge and grab some meat and cheese.  I didn't stay there too very long.


I FEEL great.  My mind is clear, my dreams are oh so vivid.  I dreamt last night (among other things) that I had made a McMuffin...and realized I couldn't eat it so I gave it to my brother.  I remember thinking "that was close!"
walking guy

"At the End of the Day" or "Day III Cleanse Update"

I'm now sipping my tea for tomorrow (sigh...honestly that and the SWF is my least favorite part...except it is sort of satisfying to see just how much crap (ha ha, get it?) blows out of my body come morning. BOOM.'s really fascinating in a gross sort of way. It was so bad this morning it took everything I had not to gag. Smell BAAAAD. Like rotten, rotten bad.

I made some brew out of limes today and I have mixed feelings. I mean, the change was nice...but I don't think that much juice was actually in the it was more pulp than anything.

I made it to karate tonight...we did a hard core evening of krav...and all things considered my energy level was pretty good. Awesome! Quie a different than last night when I went for a swim at the gym and left feeling as weak as a kitten.

Day IV tomorrow! Bring it on!
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