February 13th, 2007

Flying Ace

"Modeling exercises" or "Half a Man"

Half a Man

Doing some modeling exercises at work.  It's an interesting process.  I want to model and rig my own character I can play with...which means I think I'm going to have to build a guy that's dressed.  In the meanwhile though, it's really good for my anatomy studies.

"I feel like Gabrielle!" or "Gei whiz!"

Karate was great tonight.

One of the first exercises we did was partner up. One person had to spin around a pad on the floor in order to get as dizzy as possible (ansewr: a LOT) and then attack your partner (who is holding pads.) It's FRAKKING TOUGH!!! I thought I was cheating when I finally grabbed my partner in order to not fall over as I tried to whale on them. Apparently that's a legitimate move...I mean, you do what you can!

I used to never get dizzy. Now one or two spins and I'm trying not to throw up!

Learned some controlling techniques, how to bring a person to the ground and how to "gently" immobilize them. Krav Maga is all about quickly taking a person out. There are times when one does not need to use the most extreme route but does need to know some escape and holding techniques.

Also got to play a bit with the jo staff tonight and learned some of the forms. That was pretty awesome. I quipped, "I feel like Gabrielle!" I also ignored a few of the people in my class who said, "Oh yeah, I watched Xena when I was a kid."


Also, my sensei pulled me aside and gifted me with a gei. The bottoms need to be hemmed but I am delighted. I feel oh so official.
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