February 2nd, 2007


"In The Interim" or "Hey, Jett does a new cartoon!"

"...It's your adoring public"

One thing I really wanted to do this year was MORE CARTOONING.  January was so slammed at work though that I barely had time for anything else.  It's February so, dang it all...time to noodle something new.

Yesterday was "Draw a comic an hour about your life Day" (though I think it had a more elegant title.)  I did it last year, but again with work and the deadlines, it just wasn't gonna be happening this year. Pity.

Still...even just knocking this fluffy bit out has made me feel better. 
Flying Ace

"Snoopy Animation" or "Peanuts in 3D!  They walk!  They talk!"

Who wants to see Peanuts in 3D!  You do...I know you all do!

It's about 10 minutes long...a pretty impressive feat considering it was done by 2 animators in about 6 weeks.  That's a hella production schedule, know what I'm saying?

It's about 120 mb so give it a minute or so to download.

(Just realized it's missing the final little bit...the epilogue. Hafta put it up Monday. As is, it's FRIDAY!)

Clickie to go see the movie!