December 31st, 2006


"Goodbye 2006!" or "In no particular order"

Getting ready to head out the door. I'm taking Lisa to see the lights at Temple Square. It strikes me as silly to have someone visit Utah for the holidays and not make it to see the lights. Christmas is something Salt Lake City does WELL. Granted, I haven't been in too many other cities for Christmas but I am always struck by the beauty at Temple Square, especially with their thousands upon thousands of lights twinkling merrily on the trees.

2006 has been a strange year...almost like a dream. Already it feels a bit like a fog...2006 was a year I think where I worked on getting my feet under me.

In no particular order:

I went places, (NEW ZEALAND!)
met famous people (PETER JACKSON!)
broke some hearts...and had mine broken
underwent a massive spiritual crisis (that I'm still trying to resolve,)
got 2 games of which has my fingerprints all over
got some major debts taken care of (and am on the cusp of getting a few others taken care of,)
moved twice
visited San Francisco an embarassing amount of times...
finally went to Moab and Arches (gorgeous, by the by,)
got some awesome additions to my coin collection
put some weight on (BOO!)
started karate again (HOORAY!)
did another 24 Hour Comic

I'm sure there's lots of other things to write about...and I probably will...but for now, so long 2006. Bring on 2007!
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"News Years according to LJ" or "Actually this isn't too bad..."

In 2007, jatg resolves to...
Go to spanish every Sunday.
Find a better passion.
Backup my mormon regularly.
Find a new pixar.
Take princess_o flying.
Volunteer to spend time with games.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I guess I could kill two of these with one stone by finding a Spanish branch to go to on Sundays...that way I get to practice Spanish AND backup my Mormon regularly.
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