November 29th, 2006

Flying Ace

"Willy Wonka" vs "Wizard of Oz"

One of my coworkers had never heard of "Pigs in Space."  Me and another one of my coworkers stared at him aghast.

"What...what kind of childhood did you HAVE?!" I asked him, "How is it you have not heard of `Pigs in Space?' "

He shrugged a bit sheepishly and I mentioned that I had had a friend in art school that had never seen Wizard of Oz.  This boggled me.  How did one grow up without ever seeing Wizard of Oz?  I was on every single year!

Of course, then I reflect on how most of my peers react when I tell them I had never seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory until I was 28.  I got the same reaction from them as I had given my friend who had never seen Wizard of Oz.  I don't know how I missed seeing it.  Was it on television every year?

They would talk about how the boat ride scared them as well as the Oompa Loopas and then they would shrill "I want an Ooompa Loompa NOOOOW!!!!" and laugh as their childhood came flooding back.

It wasn't as if I was altogether unfamiliar with the story.  My family had the book CHARLIE and the Chocolate Factory and I had, point in fact, read it several dozen times.

When I finally SAW the movie though I was dumbfounded.  THIS is it?  Um...this movie is crap!  It's badly paced, it's weird for no reason and it's not nearly, nearly as good as the book.  The songs are unmemorable and I have no idea how the Ooompa Loopas of the book turned into these strange orange and green little men and their rhymes weren't nearly as clever.

Charlie is cute and so is Grandpa Joe...but that was about it. And like the boat ride... Gene Wilder is just strange...for no real reason except to be strange.  I mean...the heck?!

When I tell this to my friends they are outraged at me.

Which makes me wonder if Wizard of Oz really is a terrific film or if I'm just biased.  I mean...some of my earliest, earliest memories are sitting on my dads lap as he read to us The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and boy THAT book is sure different than the movie.  Plus...the Wicked Witch of the West locking Dorothy up with that hour glass is waaaaay more terrifying than anything Gene Wilder's boat ride or Oompa Loompa's served up.
Flying Ace

"Pictures from Thanksgiving" or "Did I mention I got a new camera?  Well, I did."

  Cabin in the Woods

Lisa's mom had found this campsite/cabinsite that was having a sale before Thanksgiving and wondered if her charming daughter and I wanted to go.  I couldn't get a really good look at it as we arrived that night a little after 10:00.  The stars were stunning though and the check in clerk told us not to linger too long outside as the bears were out.  I think if Lisa had had her druthers we might have sat out for a while on the porch to see if we could actually see any.  I however was COLD. 
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"ROLL! Nice smoooth ROLL" or "I am hard, hard, frozen butter."

Tonight at karate we practiced rolling... and I am teh sux0rs at it. I'm really, really, really, PAINFULLY BAD at it. Like...embarassingly BAD. Soooo bad. I can not roll. Can't roll with it. Can't rock and roll. Can't even bake em and in karate... holy cow, definitely can't roll with the punches.

In THEORY I know how to do it... tuck your head, bend your knees, pitch forward, make the weight fall on your shoulder and untuck as you roll out. Nice and smooth. Easy peasy.

The problem IS... I'm afraid of hurting myself so I do it WRONG and it DOES hurt and it makes me even more skittish for the NEXT time. Everyone else is diving over these hurdles and I am on my knees gingerly trying to roll forward and am STILL wrenching the crap out of my back.

So, everyone else in class is like liquid butter...

*I* am like butter as well. That has been in the freezer for AGES. I am so like frozen butter at rolling that you could carve me into a state fair cow I am so bad at rolling.

My back ACHES...deep muscle aching. I'm going to be in severe pain tomorrow I'm fairly certain.

Sensei Evans cracked my back after and then told me to go home and ICE my back and then lay on some heating compresses. I have neither. Heck...I don't even have frozen vegetables or else I'd be writhing against a bag of frozen peas right about now.

I DID think maybe of going and stripping my shirt off and laying in the snow for a bit but that struck me as vaguely pagan and also freakin' BRRRR.

Maybe I should though, just for the story:

"Dear LJ, tonight I lay topless in the snow and then had a very hot shower. I hope I get lots and lots of comments and that my mother doesn't read about it."

Heh. Except now I am fed and watered and in my flannel pjs and winter socks and have my fuzzy boy who is SO happy I am home snugged up against me. While I am amused at the thought of going and lying down in the snow, shan't do it.

I AM going to karate tomorrow though. Assuming I can walk. Yes...aspirin will be my dear friend.

And someday...someday I will be able to roll.
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