November 23rd, 2006

walking guy

"Quick recap" or "Happy Thanksgiving!"

1. Pick up at airport, uneventful.
2. Drive to Yosemite, long but full of good conversation and beautiful sights.
3. Stars...incredible.
4. Cabin, very snug and rustic. Also warm!
5. Lisa's parents, very nice.
6. Yosemite on Wednesday, stunning. Got to see Half Dome (so THAT's why it's named that,) as well as El Capitan, (hey, I saw that on Star Trek...Kirk was climbing it.) and had a nervewracking hike up to Bridal Veil Falls (shoes were kind of slippery,) and snapped many neat pictures.
7. Driving to Monterey to pick up Lawrence, ALSO a long drive. Not any time to really stop and see anybody (sorry!) or see anything.
8. Picking up Lawrence, awesome. He looks terrific, seems happy and already has taught me a little Arabic.
9. Lisa's house with Lawrence and her parents: That's a lot of kids in the tub but we've managed to all fit.
10. Made dinner this morning, ate a little after 1:00. Was very good.
11. Lisa's homemade apple pie. Marvelous...and I'm not a real huge fan of apple pie.
12. The cold I've been fighting. Getting progressivly more nasty...seems to be settled in my lungs. Got some Nyquil for tonight. Must be Thanksgiving...looks like I'm about as sick as a dog.
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