November 7th, 2006

Flying Ace

"Orson Scott Card Gets It" or "The Only Issue..."

Boy I agree with every word in this essay.  So much I'm putting it in my LJ so I'll always have access to it

You know: If America withdrew from Iraq and Afghanistan and exposed everyone who had cooperated with us to reprisals.

As happened in South Vietnam. The negotiated peace was more or less holding after American withdrawal. But then a Democratic Congress refused to authorize any further support for the South Vietnamese government. No more armaments. No more budget.

In other words, we forcibly disarmed our allies, while their enemies continued to be supplied by the great Communist powers. The message was clear: Those who rely on America are fools. We didn't even have the decency to arrange for the evacuation of the people who had trusted us and risked the most in supporting what they thought was our mutual cause.

We did it again, this time in the Muslim world, in 1991, when Bush Senior encouraged a revolt against Saddam. He meant for the senior military officers to get rid of him in a coup; instead, the common people in the Shiite south rose up against Saddam.

Bush Senior did nothing as Saddam moved in and slaughtered them. The tragedy is that all it would have taken is a show of force on our part in support of the rebels, and Saddam's officers would have toppled him. Only when it became clear that we would do nothing did it become impossible for any high-ranking officials to take action. For the price of the relatively easy military action that would have made Saddam turn his troops around and leave the Shiite south, we could have gotten rid of him then -- and had grateful friends, perhaps, in the Shiite south.

That is part of our track record: Two times we persuaded people to commit themselves to action against oppressive enemies, only to abandon them. Do you think that would-be rebels in Iran and Syria and North Korea don't remember those lessons?

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Flying Ace

"Politics" or "I'll just say it."

I find I generally disagree with the majority of my flist when it comes to politics.  I enjoy talking politics...LOVE it... but I like them in a live setting and generally from people that I already have a good rappoir with.  My best friend and I are capable of talking politics for hours, his from his side and me from mine and we generally manage to do it without shouting or resorting to name calling.  We've known each other for years and we're willing to actually listen to each other and concede points. 

On LJ though I generally figure LJs are like people's lockers.  Many times I'll read and roll my eyes but rarely say anything. They are theirs and most of the time they don't want a debate...they want confirmation.  So when someone posts about how much they miss Bill Clinton or how the Right Wing Machine is already stealing votes, or how Michael Steele is an Uncle Tom who is a lawn jockey for the right, who am I to harsh the buzz, man.

When I want political insight and discussion there are plenty of political blogs I go to. 

But you know...people are entitled to their opinions.  And here's mine. 

I'm going to really tick people off and write about how I think in time Bush is going to be viewed as one of the greater presidents in US history and one of the great leaders of the world and did what he thought was right in the face of severe public criticism instead of appeasing and passing the problem on to future generations like their predecessors.  And when they were in office they were haaaated.  People thought they were going to end the world as they knew it for causing war, not appeasing their enemies, not just getting along... leaders like Truman and Churchill and Lincoln.

Just because you're not popular doesn't mean you're wrong.
Flying Ace

"Even more politics" or "Something I do"

Hey...the genie's out of the bottle...yet another political post!

Most of the time I view politics as sport.  People have their teams they root for... and those teams keep their fans happy by using tried and true strategies out of their respective play books.  Every so often they have to actually DELIVER from those play books to keep their base happy...but the ultimate goal is the acquisition and maintenance of power. 

(Look how ticked off the right base is right now at those in power.  This isn't an election for the left to's for the right to LOSE.)

A neat trick I've picked up to try and keep myself rational when it comes to politics (because, boy it's really, really easy to let one's blood boil over the smallest thing) is listen or read something a politician has said and think, "How would I feel about this statement if it came from the other side?"

Because THEN you're thinking about the statement...not just the team you root for.

"The Karate Report" or "RRRRAAAARRR!!!"

Karate Report:

Started week 4 tonight. (Missed last night...was over at a friends house.) We have been learning a lot of Jujitsu which involves a lot of grappling around on the ground. It has been kicking my butt but tonight Sensei Evans really put us in high gear with a hard core workout first. I'm totally going to feel it tomorrow which is awesome. My arms are slowly getting their RRARR shape back and while I'm still slowly peeling off the sludge around the middle I am feeling a whole lot better.

He has us running in place semi lightly for a bit with our hands up in guard position and then yells "GO!" and we have to dance in place really really fast. When he yells again we have to drop down, do a pushup, do a sit up and then get back up running in place. The second time we do 2 pushups and 2 situps... all the way up to ten. You're really exhausted by the end.

He says for your blackbelt you have to go up to 50. All added up that is 1275 pushups. Um...holy freakin' cow! Even at my peak with Sabina I could only do 100 pushups.

I'm losing my desire for junk food. This is a GOOD THING. I've also cut myself back to one soda a day. (I get it in the morning. Hooray for Dr. Pepper!)

We did some really fun sweeps and holds tonight. Usually there is this other girl I pair up with but tonight I got paired up with Sam...15 or 16 year old boy. He's a cutie and reminds me a bit of my first high school crush. (I say this with a bemused tone...not a pervy 30 something year old woman.) He's also really STRONG so it's good to work with him since he really challenges me. He unintentionally cracked my back HARD tonight. Felt good. :)

Sensei Evans has said I've really improved in the 4 weeks. I feel so much better. Now if I can haul my lazy butt out of bed earlier in the morning...
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