October 26th, 2006

Flying Ace

"Snoopy vs the Red Baron" or "It's out!"

The first reviews are starting to come in!  It's being rather well reviewed which is really rewarding.  Of course I focus on what they say about the cutscenes ... I'm not anticipating anything really glowing about them...I'm mostly hoping to escape being excoriated for them.

Here's what Gamesradar had to say: Click here

"The 3D cut-scenes, featuring borderline creepy renders of the Peanuts stars, don't come off nearly as well, but at least the developers had their priorities straight. As for the soundtrack, you'd think listening to actual children run you through tutorials and give mission orders would be grating, but it actually brings out the inner toddler, getting you in the mood."

Full IGN review:  Click here

"Snoopy Vs. the Red Baron captures the style of the Peanuts comic extremely well. From the visual style of the cutscenes that shows the situations that each character gets themselves in to the variety of levels, you'll feel like you're taking on the role of the flying ace. Some textures are generic, particularly ground textures, generic trees or backgrounds. These are balanced out with the detailed enemies, impressive particle effects (particularly with bottle rocket explosions), and motion blur effects when you trigger your speed boosts. The camera is quite good, and imparts a great sense of scale and height as you perform your dives and climbing attacks. Similarly, the jazzy piano during the hub carries the Peanuts theme along perfectly. Some of the other music selections, particularly as Snoopy's plane gets damaged, imparts a sense of action during each mission. The voice acting is perhaps one of the weakest moments of the game, but since there isn't that much of it in the game, you won't be too dismayed with it."
Flying Ace

"Great ideas" or "Crosses fingers"

Been writing a design doc for a game I'm pitching at work.  The art director read it, loved it and I've now passed it along to the studio owner.

It's a game for people that don't usually play a lot of games.

Heck...I even pitched the idea to wyckhurst and SHE liked it.

I'm hoping he likes it.

I want it to make me several million dollars. :)