October 17th, 2006


"Kick boxing" or "RRARR!!!"

I'm starting kickboxing again tonight!

Took Rachael to the place last night so she could check it out.  We were there long enough to observe some of the classes, meet some of the instructors and sit in and watch the first half of the adults class we'd be doing.  Just watching them I could feel my muscles get itchy to jump in.  Also watching them I could feel myself being sore the next day.  Paul (the sensai) really worked them tough and hard.  I expect I will probably be HOLYCRAPSORE for a month!

Not that working with Sabina was a piece of cake but I'm really excited to start training with Paul.  He really mixes things up and is really invested in the success of his students. 

Because I never got the hang of moderation I'm going to try to go M-Th night.  Dang it...I miss feeling and cute and thin and buff and RRARR. 

Best Part:
They ordinarily have an intro special...for 30 dollars you get your uniform and a weeks free of classes or 2 free personal training sessions.  For the month of October they have "Kick or Treat" (ha ha ha) where you get a month free of classes AND 2 free personal training sessions.  SOLD.