October 14th, 2006

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"Fall Cleaning" or "Simplification"

Decided today was going to be "Fall Cleaning." It's like `Spring Cleaning' but 6 months apart. More of the "acts of daily living" that have backed up.

So far today I have:

1. Cleaned the interior of my car. This includes vaccuuming, wiping the vinyl, cleaning all mirrors and getting rid of the excess junk I've been hauling around.
2. Cleaned my bathroom, including scrubbing my shower. Need to get some DrainO or something though. My shower doesn't want to drain very well.
3. Tidied up my storage room. This one wasn't too bad but I did have some empty boxes to pitch out and a bit of shelf organization.
4. Tided up my clothes self. This one wasn't too bad...it was mostly just neaten my clothes and refold some sweaters.
5. Organized my DVD collection. (As it's not very big this wasn't too bad but I did make sure everything was in the right spot.

So far I am still going through papers, throwing away crap that has accumulated and getting rid of all the little "piles of stuff" that have accumulated in my room. When I am done I am going to wipe everything down and vaccuum. Also need to run the diswasher.

I want to have a clean and spartan room. That way I won't feel bad about hauling out some fall like projects. Want to make some more sketchbooks.

Then, hopefully off to Farmington for some homemade stew and pick up my boy.
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