October 6th, 2006

walking guy

"2006 24 Hour Comic" or "Here we goooo!"

Yes, it's time for the (in) famous 24 Hour Comic challenge. Tomorrow morning at 10 AM at Nightflight Comics at the Main Library on 4th south, I will be making my second attempt into what is considered the cartoonist marathon.

I'm trying not to think of ideas...the main point of it is to not think of storylines in advance...but I do have a few kernals of thought floating about.

Mostly, I'm just trying not to feel any pressure. My last comic was extremely well received...actually earning a berth in the official 2005 anthology...which got nominated for an Eisner award. I'm trying not to think about trying to "up" myself...after all, this is a gig where FINISHING is considered an achievment.

Anyway...y'all were a tremendous support last time...

Wish me luck!
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