September 13th, 2006

Flying Ace

"Running on Rooftops" and "BUAHAHAHAHA!!!"

I have had a most pleasant day. My job for the most part with Snoopy vs the Red Baron is all done, all rendered and all uploaded and in the game. Later on this afternoon though my producer came by and tapped me and the other animator as well as the game designer on the shoulder and silently herded us into Clark's office.

"Close the door," he said.

By this point my heart was thudding pretty bad. Jamis said that first of all Creative Associates had viewed the FMVs... (thud thud thud) went my heart. And they really liked them. (whew!) " But..." he continued, "they did have one note." He said he was almost sort of hesitant to bring it up since we couldn't really do anything at this point...

They said that our Charlie Brown was TOO morose ... could that possibly be changed?

I burst out laughing.

"NO!" I said.

Jamis looked annoyed (not at me,) saying that CA had had the voices from the beginning when we had had them and passed off on them. We thought for a nano second that Scott, our sound guy could maybe pitch it up...but that would affect all the animation ... it was simply unworkable and just... ludicrous...

Sure...we're going to go out...find another Charlie Brown... record him in a professional recording studio...trying like heck to get him to MATCH the animation... get the new sound to our sound guy...who has to put it in 5 of the 9 shorts... get it back to us so we can reexport the 5 FMVs in the 3 formats (so FIFTEEN exports) all by THIS FRIDAY?!!?!


Heck, Nathan and I were giggling about it all day.

And now *I* have a story to tell about executives who don't understand how animation is done and their charmingly silly notes.

At this late in the game I think Jamis politely told them to live with it. With the door closed. So they wouldn't hear me and Nathan still laughing hysterically about it.


I also worked on a fun bit of animation today... just playing around with a rig I downloaded off line. It's totally not done by any stretch...but not a bad bit of animation for a days work.


Played AD&D tonight. Actually playing with clymerchick via my iSight works really rather well. I think I am a very creative problem solver but it's simply too nerdy to detail out our adventures. Nuff said to say we had crazy big fun.
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