July 13th, 2006


"YEEE HAW!" or "Funny dreams"

My family had pulled over during a road trip and had set up a bit of a picnic so we could eat. It was along a rural road and it was hot and muggy and we sat under a tree which was making a half hearted attempt to create some shade. As we sat there an RV so ostentatious it looked like it had bred with with Liberace's limo...white, chrome, gold with diamond studded bumpers, pulled alongside next so us, so close it almost clipped the card table we had set up.

One of the side windows opened...it was hard to see inside though the dark screen but a woman looked at me tiredly and asked where they were. I could feel the condescending attitude reeking from the RV limo.

With no thought and with the loudest most obnoxious voice I could muster, I leaned in close and right in the shaded woman's face bellowed, "YEEEEEE HAW!!! YER IN TEXAS!!!!"

I could feel her wince.

"Oh," she said faintly. "We're from Atlantic City."


"Are you from here?" she asked.


I moved aside so the people who I guess wanted directions could talk to my dad and I heard him say in an obnoxious fake drawl, "YES MA'AM! AH'M FROM TEXAS TOO!!!"

I couldn't help but start giggling at all of this.

I overheard Mark lean over and whisper to my mom, "Dad's not very good at this..."
Mom looked embarassed and a bit weary and said, "He doesn't know very much about Texas."

"That's okay," I said, "We'll just talk really loud and act dumber than posts and these folks'll never know the difference."

I was laughing like mad at all of this...until my own laughing woke me up.

I started today with a serious fit of the giggles.


I have NO idea where all of this came from...but it was SO much fun to lean into that woman's pretentious RV and holler right in her face, "YEEEEHAH! I'M FROM TEXAS!"

Note: I am NOT from Texas. I lad a quick layover there once in 2000 and before then my family once drove through on our way to Utah.

Note 2: I do not think Texans are all red necked yokels... in my dream it was more, "Let's act this way because it's what these snobby people expect."
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