April 19th, 2006


"Ultimate" or "Best Bed EVAR!"

When I was five years old I got it in my head that I wanted a bed with drawers. I pined for one. When my fellow kindergartners were looking at the new Star Wars toys in the JC Penney wishbook I was flipping to the furniture section. (yes, I was an oddball kid.)

My dad, who could build or fix ANYTHING...built me a beautiful bed with e drawers out of some plywood and pieces of oak. When I got it it was a golden honey color. Though the years the varnish has mellowed and darkened so my bed is more warm and orange tinted. I love it and still sleep on it.

However, since I am now in my 30s I am thinking it is time for another Big Girl Bed.

Retaining my penchant for drawers...I have FOUND it.

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