January 27th, 2006

b&w typing

"Ten things" or "I'm scared of pull tabs."

1. I am always afraid of slicing my thumb open with pull top cans of soup.
2. I thought last weeks episode of Battlestar Galactica was a serious stumble in a series that ordinarily has such well written, slow and deliberate stories. There was just TOO much going on this episode, plus I found it preposterous Adama & gang wouldn't be ripping the fleet apart looking for PegaSix.
3. I'm already feeling loads better just with 2 good solid visits to the gym so far this week. I have done a lot of damage through neglect but I'm back in the saddle again.
4. Had a GREAT dream the other morning which was a welcome relief to the seeming incessant nightmares. THAT was just as good as the trip to the gym.
5. It's totally dumping snow. I was supposed to be in New Zealand for this. ***whiiinnnneeee***
6. Speaking of New Zealand, it's been bumped to mid March. I HATE February.
7. My dad is getting his prostate removed...cancer was found in the biopsy.
8. Going to my folks tomorrow...my mom has been making this gorgeous quilt for my niece and wants me to have a go at machine quilting it.
9. Today there is no #9
10. Not sure if this is interesting or not but here you go:

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