January 24th, 2006


"Pixney" or "Dixar"

It's official...after months of speculation of `will they/ won't they' Disney has officially aquired Pixar. While initially this makes me rather nervous, reading the press release got me feeling fairly giddy. Yes, the Mouse owns Pixar...but the first sentence says it all for me...

Ed Catmull Named President of the
Combined Pixar and Disney Animation Studios and John Lasseter Named
Chief Creative Officer; Steve Jobs to Join Disney's Board of Directors

They bought Pixar and put THEM in charge of Disney animation! Could we be in for the third golden age of Disney? Lasseter is a self proclaimed Disney (and 2D) fan... Catmull doesn't have the tendency to pee in the proverbial creative soup and any Disney `creative' who specializes in tormenting the animators as well as muck about in the story is going to be hard pressed to get past these two.

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"More Dixar news" or "This just gets better and better..."

Not only is Lasseter in as Disney's Animation president...David Stainten ... the current president isn't just stepping down...he's leaving Disney entirely. Lest you feel too bad for him, this is the jack@$$ who officially let go the last of Disney's traditional animators in Florida and THEN sent out a letter to them asking them to keep their fingers crossed during Oscar night for Brother Bear.

"You're fired! Keep your fingers crossed that we win the Oscar for all your hard work!"


Anyway... he's gone.

I'm telling you... this is a BIG day in terms of Disney history of which I am a junkie.