January 17th, 2006


"Wish List" or "Things I would like to see and do in New Zealand"

Please, feel free to add yours or make suggestions to mine!

In no particular order:

1. Go see Weta. Fortunately for me Mark B has connections and this one will actually be happening. :)
2. Go see Hobbiton. Yeah, there are plenty or Lord of the Rings tours...but this one holds some real appeal.
3. I'd like to go see the New Zealand LDS temple.
4. Whale watching in Kaikoura.
5. I'd like to see the beach that Xena and Gabrielle walked along in countless episodes. Apparently when it's not being Ancient Greece it's called Te Henga
6. I'd like to look at the night sky and try to find The Southern Cross.
7. The Gondola in Christchurch!
8 The Antarctic Center also sounds really cool! (ha ha, get it? Okay, I suck.)
9. Wouldn't mind just hanging out at Sumner Beach near Christchurch either.

Suggestions are welcome!

"Singer" or "Antiques"

Antique SingerMy mom ever year swears that she will refrain from buying fabric that year. She said the same thing this year. Obviously she said nothing about sewing machines!

She and my dad were at a thrift shop just to see what they could see. While roaming my dad saw this antique Singer being dropped off and brought my mom over to look at it. Of course they promptly snapped it up and my mom has happily spent the rest of the evening researching online whatever she can find out about it.

Mom researching It seems to be in pretty good condition though it lacks a power supply. She's been searching trying to find something that will actually plug into it.

So far she figures it between 1938 and 1941... there were three models of it...one was a hand crank, one was a treadle and one was electrical. I look at it and wonder what things it has made and for whom. Somebody must've splurged and bought the electric model. I wonder if she brought people over to ooh and aah over it.

And now it's sitting on my folks pool table. NEAT