January 6th, 2006


"10 things" or "A post that isn't littered with cartoons and doodles"

1. Thoughts on 2005 & 2006
It's already so late into the year I feel like posting any thoughts about 2005 as well as plans for 2006 is rather belated. However, 2005 was a rather eventful and ultimately emotionally exhausting year. Good things happened, bad things happened...and if nothing else, I got a LOT of cartoon ideas.
I AM looking forward to 2006...already some really great stuff has happened and is in the pipeline. I am really enjoying my job, my hobbies and I look forward to sitting down to draw the next installment of Red Sparrow instead of it feeling like a chore. Priceless.

2. I do believe my New Zealand trip is finalized.
I've got 6 hours to kill in San Francisco on the 25th. gigiss... are you up for lunch? Should be an interesting trip. I'm excited to go see New Zealand but I am trying to have NO expectations about the rest of the trip.

3. On dating...
As I said on my first real post of the year, I had a blind date and it went rather well. Sort of. He was reasonably good looking (bald, but I can live with that,) smart (he got his MA at Berkely) well traveled and the conversation flowed more or less without effort. I'm fairly certain he lied about his age when he had to pull out reading glasses but beyond that when I thought, "...and would you want to date this guy?" I went into a cold panicked sweat. So, here I am trying to do "the right thing," but I just don't think THAT particular route is going to pan out. What a shock (she said sarcastically.)

4. About the gym...
And how goes the triathlon training? Slowly. Hopefully next week I'll get signed up at the gym. I've wanted to avoid it the first few weeks of January. I've been BAD the last 3 months and I can feel that much of my muscle tone has deteriorated but I can still get into my Sexy Leather pants without having to suck it in the zip and button. Also, PRICELESS.

5. Scarfs and other fun stuff at my sisters!
I need to get down to wyckhursts place so she can finish my scarf. By the by... I LOVE my Oscar the Grouch scarf she made for me for Christmas. Also I want to play with her snap machine. I have an idea for some books I want to make. Also want to play with the nieces and nephews.

6. Girls Night
Had a Girls Night last night with some of my friends from my movie theater job. It was wonderful to see them and catch up with their lives and laugh and joke and goof. I love my job now, no hesitation, NO looking back but one thing my theater job had that this one doesn't was that sense of fun and comraderie. I still want to hang out with them. There aren't any coworkers at Smartbomb that I've really felt bonded to.
More and more I realize that I crave that... that sense of comradierie... I had it on the mission with my comps and all the other missionaries, I had it at art school with my amazing class and my friendship with Alex and BJ.
I HAVE had it to a smaller extent with my life drawing group as well as my kick boxing group but since both of those have dissolved...I find I am feeling ... rather lonely.
Anyway, it was wonderful to hang out with some of my good friends from the theater last night. Nothing like good friends who are genuinely interested in your life, happy to see you, laugh at your jokes and you feel the exact same way about them.

8. New Battlestar Galactica tonight!
I am giddy but wish I had somebody to share that giddiness with. I need to convert some more of my friends into BSG fans so I have somebody to watch it with. I got pr10n and my mom hooked but I need to get some people a little closer to home. I try with nokiai, my roommate but she falls asleep during EVERYTHING. It amuses me to no end. However, as I said, I want to get some friends hooked, enough to have loud raucous BSG parties Friday nights. Could be a fun tradition methinks.

9. About Beowulf
I love my cat. I am just...crazy stupid over that big fuzzy boy. I love the chirps that he makes when I pick him up. I love that he cuddles up at my feet when I sleep. I love that everybody loves him (except Edward and at least they don't fight.) I love that any time I go to my folks one of the first things they ask is if I brought the Wulfie cat. Hee.

10. I love reading my scriptures.
I had an amazing experience reading The Book of Mormon this last year and though, yes, I had to do a bit of cramming to get it finished this last year, as always the enormity of it smacks me at the end. The tragedy of pride, the abject loneliness Moroni must have been feeling as he wrote the final pages...knowing that no one would read what he wrote for centuries and centuries.
It always gives me much food for thought...about the way I view the world, the way I conduct my own life, my relationship with my Heavenly Father...which I guess really is the point of reading the scriptures in the first place.