January 3rd, 2006



"I'm really rusty..."

ALSO, finally, finally, finally, Red Sparrow has a website I'm not embarassed about!

LOOKIE!!! A working archive and a blog and a cast page with links back to their LJs...and...and... I'm so excited I'm about to pass out.

Super hero mad props go to Steve Wei who writes Minions. He spent a not insignificant amount of time bouncing emails and IMs with me and finally getting it all up and going. Needless to say I am crazy thrilled.

Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think, whether or not through LJ or the (now working) email link on the bottom! And bookmark it! And tell your friends!

And YAY, my comic site rocks!
Flying Ace

Unnamed BSG comic strip update

"Did you actually DO anything to be in the brig?"

Lee and Kara have an odd conversation...

And yes, sadly, still trying to come up with a good BSG comic strip name. What do you think about "Frakking Toasters" ?