December 13th, 2005


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Is it bad that all I want to do is look up things about New Zealand online? Seriously. It's totally not real yet. Maybe it will be real when we get the dates solidified but I am humbled and grateful and giddy and all teh squee and trying not to freak out. Maybe it will be real when the plane takes off. Or lands.

In the interim...(ha ha) I just look at pictures online and sigh. Goin' to the south island, hanging out in Christchurch in January. Dang it, after the roller coaster of this last year, I deserve some time on the Kiwi beach, y'know?

I will finally get to see the constellations of the southern hemisphere.

After picking up bachelor buttons at the fabric store I passed an enjoyable evening with the folks and my dad, as always, delights in looking up things and places online with his wondrous little map program. We plotted the miles between SLC and Christchurch and LA and Auckland and just for fun took detours to Sydney and Brisbane and he showed me the places he went on his mission. It's rare that he does that. His mission was a rough experience. He only started talking about it after his children had safely served their own missions.

He petted Beowulf and asked if they were going to watch him while I was gone and then softly told Wulfie, "If she doesn't come home will you be my kitty?" Heh. My dad is not an emotional guy but it is fun to see him be such a soft touch with the pets. I will be coming home but it's nice to know my sweet fuzzy boy is loved by people other than me.

My mom has been working on a project for my youngest nephew. It has been amazing watching her work on this, to appreciate the countless hours that are going into it. I await the moment he unwraps it and squeals in delight. Big H is always appreciative of gifts and this one is a doozie.