December 12th, 2005


"Icon Christmas!" or "Round Two"

Second round of Christmas Icons:

Going off a picture she sent me and with a request for something "editorish," here's firynze's. I like the quill pen. And that cartoon Firynze looks kinda like cartoon Jett. Hey, going off a picture here!

For pr10n who introduced me to the Hero of Canton and knitted his OWN Jayne hat. (I can change the line if you want Kurt ol' buddy. Tis a wee bit naughty.)

For cherokee1 who says she likes's a bit of life drawing. ( Tastefully draped, of course. )

...and for cynnyr who liked Precursor's rat from Red Sparrow.

You may note I AM skipping around a bit. Some people I already knew what I wanted to do...other people I know what I want to do but they're a bit more complicated and some people...I'm still trying to think...


Whaddya think sirs?
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Flying Ace

"Round Three" or "More iCon-age"

Third round of Christmas Icons:

Left to my own devices, I did this one. Here you go tiwonge! Hey, EVERYBODY like griffins, no?

For laurelqueen who requested a Clark Kent/ Chloe Sullivan icon. Good call. Lana is so BORING I want to poke my eyes out. If I were Clark I'd *totally* go for Chloe.

And for eralcym who has likes rainbows. I figure this can be her "Holy cow, I'm busy!" icon.

More coming...


Whaddya think sirs?