November 25th, 2005


"Black Friday" or "Bleaaahh..."

It is a day of BLEAAAHHH....

True to her word my mother woke me at 5:45 and we were out the door and picking up her friend Betty shortly before 6:00 am. This I vow. I will NOT be going to a fabric store the day after Thanksgiving NEXT year, thankyewverymuch.

It actually wasn't as hellacious as I had expected...apparently most of the fabric store flyers hadn't made it out so the place wasn't as crowded and as insane as it was the previous year. and fabric stores aren't the best of friends especially that early in the morning and my mother's friend's (bless her heart...and people always say that right before they are about to say something insulting) perkiness was driving me nuts. I know my mom is a fabric queen and her opinion SHOULD be valued but after an hour of standing by the cart hearing, "Barbara...what do you think about THIS...ooh, Barbara, what do you think about THAT?" I was ready to climb the walls.

Me, I got some pearl cotton to finish tying my quilt as well as 2 yards of fake leather for book covers.

When we left I wasn't feeling well and have been passed out on and off in the chair downstairs for the rest of the day. I wish my body could make up its mind whether or not it's sick or not...I just feel BLEAH. I'm wondering if I got the bug that has been inflicting my sister's kids. We'll see. Anyway, I'm sticking around Farmington to be coddled for another day. Tomorrow...turkey noodle soup.
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