November 23rd, 2005


"Naked Tuesdays" or "Goodbye for now..."

After our first 5 gestures Kamille came out from the back room to tell us to make our extended drawing good because it was going to be the last one for a while. Not sure of all the reasons why...I think it boils down to finances...not enough of us were coming to be able to properly pay the model... and numbers generally drop even more when the holidays kick in. Le sigh.

Anyway...I think it was a pretty fair night. I couldn't concentrate really...many things pressing on my mind...but here you go...

Naked Tuesday: the Drawings

Cassandra: 5 gestures of 5 minute length.
Click for full drawing

It's coming. The first pose at the top left is my favorite. We liked that pose so much we did a varient of it for the extended drawing.

Cassandra: Hour and a half
Click for full drawing

I like this looks a lot less muddy than some of my other extended drawings but it does tend to flatten out at the hip and leg and knee. Chris suggested more overlap which was a good idea but by that point I was wiped and had to go home.

I think my favorite part is her right arm.


What do you think, sirs?
b&w typing

"Small miracles" or "Wow...your voice hasn't changed"

Just got off the phone with my mission trainer. We served together for a little over 4 months and got along famously. I was a mess and a half when we were split apart. I hadn't heard anything from her since I was in 2nd year in art December 1998.

I've tried to track her down a few times but it seemed to no avail. A few weeks ago I started more diligently trying to track her down or at least her brother and after some long and rambling messages on various answering machines it seems one of them took root... and she called me.

It was great to talk to her, to hear her laugh, to hear little kids laughing and screaming in the background and catch up even a little bit on her life and share some anecdotes from mine.

When I hung up the phone I told her I would not allow 7 more years to go by.

She laughed.

I have missed her laugh.
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