November 4th, 2005

Flying Ace

"Baaaa!" or "Job question meme"

With a tip o' the hat to mitchy

1. When I was little I wanted to be:
an artist. I decided when I was six years old I was going to be an animator.

2. At University/College I studied:
At Weber State I wound up taking more anthropology than art. Loved it. LOVED it...but Weber's art program wasn't helpful at all in directing me on how to become an animator and I left.
A few years and a roller coaster ride later I found myself at Sheridan College where I studied classical animation.

3. My first real job was as a:
We are talking post college, right? My first "Real Job" then was an animator for Jet City Studios in Seattle. It didn't last long but fortunately I got another job shortly as an animator for Hulabee Entertainment.

4. I am currently working as a: animator! I'm working at a game company and it's been a lot of fun.

5. I am happy/hideously disappointed with my career choice:
Oh so happy. I have been staying at the studio uber late nearly every night working on a personal animation project and I love it. I can't imagine doing anything else as a career.

6. I would secretly like to be:
Independently wealthy and in demand enough that I could live anywhere and animate from home.

"Only the Shadow Knows" or "Render, render, render"

"T.G. Studios presents:"

Well, ALMOST. Work was sloooow today so I got to spend the grand majority of it working on The Hat. This morning I got the shadows working (and look at that beautiful dark purple against the wall!) and some niggling done on some of the animation. I also got the ending done...which actually took a lot LESS time than I thought.

I was astounded at the end of the day (ahem, like right now, baby) to realize I was done in Maya. I really was afraid I would be burning the midnight oil next Tuesday getting it finalized. Now I've got this bad boy rendering out...and I expect it will take all night and a lot of Saturday to do. Monday night I'll compile it all in Premiere, add some sound effects and a temp track (it looks like "B Minor" by Leahy works fairly well,) and ... assuming I can get a regular score for it... Ah's DONE. (knock knock knock)

It's been exhausting and frustrating and exciting and terrifying and tedious and exhiliarating...but I am just about to have a new short under my belt. Don't get me wrong...I'll always be hugely proud of Tea for Two... but considering I completed it in Feb 2002... it's high time I have another short to show off. I resolve to NEVER let that much time go by between shorts again.

It's matter what is going on in my has been art...drawing, cartooning, animation that has saved my sanity. I can't think of a single situation where creating something has failed to provide me solace. I think of gigiss and his post today talking about how he alieviates boredom in meetings by doodling and I am the same way. I am grateful for many things. Tonight I am grateful for my creative ability and the opportunities I have had to nurture it. Everybody at work has been most supportive of this project and I think some are just as excited as I am to see it through to completion.

So close. So very, very close.