October 18th, 2005


"Proposal writing meets Dr. Seuss" or "Stalling from my own work poetry challenge"

I saw a brilliant combination today..."Horton Hears a Heart." It's like if Edgar Allen Poe and Dr. Seuss had a baby.

When I mentioned that to grof (And don't bother to check his LJ, he never posts. Sheesh.) he wondered if the same thing could be applied to the propsal he was writing.

Because I stall on things that I need to do...I cranked out this:

The HIT Lab meets Dr. Seuss

"Please sir," I cry, "Could you give us more money?"
"Computers and lasers and quagdorfs and honey!"
"These things we need to bring the future today"
Please fund our projects and we'll shout HOORAY!"

"Thokdorks and grizthorks and spinner-ma-bots
Self rocking sthoofs and cyber cumquats...
These things and more, the future is now
Just some more money, we have the know how!"

"Oh, it's marvelous the things we envision
Plug in dedlichters and springdingovision!
We'll make them, you'll see, and lighten the load
for housewives and geeks plus the cars on the road!"

"Just a small grant will go a long way
For 3d textbooks and growing virtual hay!
The 21st century is here, it is now!
Tridwockets and dreedlights and dark matter cows!"

"Wonderous things, in our lab we can make
Just a few hundred thousand, well that would be great!
A million, a million! Well, that would be fine!
The things we could build would be top of the line!"

"And you'll see it first, you'll be standing right there!
You'll see the future, you'll be its heir!
Again, please, some money for our little department
So for mankind you'll leave some sort of impartment

"Of thermo-ma-gears and nanotechbots!
So many things, why, lots and lots!
So I'll end my proposal with a humble adieu
We just want some money,
Please sir, thank you."


I need a punchier ending, but I have my own work...
So critique if you must, but I'll think you a jerk!
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