September 3rd, 2005

Flying Ace

"You're WHERE?" or "Road trips with my mom"

I'm sitting in the Boise airport which has been gracious enough to provide free wireless. I'm here with my mom waiting to pick up my dad and my younger brother from another fishing excursion in Alaska. Mom didn't want to make the trip by herself and so, with a deep sigh, I'm road tripping again this weekend.

It hasn't been bad though. I was up stupidly late last night watching Firefly. I had plan to watch 2 eps a night...but being home along with nothing else to do but watch a really well crafted tv show...well, what are you going to do. "No, I'll just watch the next one...." "Well, since I'm almost done with this disk..." Anyway...I am blown away by the show, frustrated at the baboon asses executives at Fox for cancelling the show. MORONS. Anyway...I am beginning the SQUEEEE for the movie and want it to sell a gajillion tickets and then go back to making the TV show.

So what sleep I had was pretty tossy turny and finally got up, cleaned up my room, waited for a girl to come by to show the empty room to (she never showed, GRRR!!!) and then sat out on the front porch to read my scriptures. (English, Spanish and then French. Don't have a clue how to really pronounce things in French but I'm hoping by the end my reading comprehension is pretty good. Plus I need an English/French dictionary. Tres bien!)

Also in terms of weirdness, while I was sitting out 3 Corvettes pulled up in front of the house and just...waited. I looked up and the people inside waved. I noted each one had an older couple in them...and about 5 minutes later... no less than EIGHT Corvettes came up...and the 3 peeled off and they went out in a pack. Beware...the Corvettes are roaming. It was really, really weird.

In Farmington, I helped putter around the house, put the cats in (hopefully they'll just stare at each other all night,) and then off we went. It's a pretty drive with much gold with smatters of green against a very blue sky. Really a lovely, lovely day.

We pulled out around 2:00, made a few rest stops and we are.

Just what I sit around in an airport this evening. And then we get to drive BACK and swing by LOGAN before we can head back to Farmington. We're going to get home around 2:00 in the morning. Think...(sigh) I'll be spending another night on the couch.
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