August 13th, 2005


"So far, so good" or "What's next on the list?"

Today I have:

1. Gone for a run (No, I didn't do the official race but I did do 3 miles and that was good.)
2. Tidied up my room
3. Got some animations fixed at work
4. Went to Farmington where I:

a. Wiped down Friday's interior. (I would have vacuumed, but it's broken. Sigh.
Have to do that later in the week.)

b. Washed my sheets, blanket and quilt.
c. Hung my sheets, blanket and quilt out on the line. They now smell GOOD.
Few things smell as good as line dried sheets.
d. Aired out my sleeping bags
e. Set up my tent
f. Took down my tent. (The roommates are making noises of going camping and I want to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be before I trundle off anywhere.)
g. Did a cartoon about marriage for my dad. (He teaches the lesson in Church tomorrow.
I don't mind doing cartoons for him. His seed ideas are pretty funny and the ones that I've done for him, Sunstone has later bought. Ching!)

h. Ate a creamy. Yay for mint creamies.
i. Went through some of my stuff in the shed. Yay for unused animation paper and ancient emails.
j. Oooh and Aaahed over some of my mom's new aquisitions.

Now I'm heading back to Salt Lake where I still have to:

1. Vacuum my room
2. Sanitize my bathroom
3. Tidy up my cell.
4.. Commit general acts of neatness in the yard.

If I get that done I may:

1. Go for another run. (Did I mention I'm trying to up the endorphins?)
2. Have a minor Battlestar Galactica marathon. (Oooh! Oooh! And TUESDAY they are showing all 5 eps from the new season! I've only seen two! Hooray for BGS catchup! YEEE HAH!)