August 12th, 2005


"It's aliiiive!" or "FINALLY!"

After poking around in my engine more times than I care to count, spicing and resplicing wires, adjusting tension on the tach, sticking stints
into vacuums, drilling holes into my frame, checking lights, fluid, tearing apart my dash and putting it back together, jump starting my car once,
and countless test tries, swapping units between Friday and my dad's truck to see if we could figure out what was going on and even MORE wire checks
and poking about and even MORE test drives...I am pleased to announce that last night pheonix_jade and my dad and I FINALLY got my cruise control to work.

I'm going to be indebted for a very,very, very, very long time. (which is fine...Dad usually wants cartoons and logos designs.) This was an installation that went far beyond what any of us thought it would be. But it works!
Personal note to Lawrence who spent more time than he should have lying down peering up under my steering wheel which is a horrible exercise
for one's back and abs...especially while holding pliers and trying to check wiring.


My baby brother RULES!!!

It's the neatest feeling to hit "Set"...take your foot off the gas...and feel Friday pause...
and then SURGE forward.

Bring on the road trips!

"Argh!" or "The one where I ramble about being bored at work and feeling blah in my life."

So, we finally have a new character to animate at work and three cheers on feeling productive for the first time in a month! Not my favorite feeling in the not be busy and feel like I am just a warm body sitting in my seat, making little tweaks here and there to other animations and basically clock watching until I can go home. What's even more make up for my binge vacationing (and the last day was NOT my fault!) I've been coming in the last 2 weekends to sit and tweak and basically wile away the hours. I came back to work after 2 weeks of being gone...expecting to hit the ground running ... and got told, "We're trying to get a guy could have stayed another week." Uh no. No I couldn't. As I told Alex and Amanda, I have worked very hard on creating this nice, well ordered and structured life...and I really needed to get back to it. (And they needed to get back to theirs. Again, there were too many kids in that tub...which reminds me...)

What do you call lepers in a jacuzzi?


And now I'm back to it (my nice, well ordered and structured life)...and I just can't...plug IN.

I am happiest when I am busy. This is not a shock to those who know me well. I worry about it sometimes. Maybe it's school that did it though I suspect it goes back earlier than that. Why is it I am happiest when I am crazy prolific and busy? I mean...I was on a manic high after doing my comic earlier this year...In a 2 week (okay, 16 day) time period, I did 104 pages of doodles and comics. Kept me sane and gave me something to do when I felt like otherwise I was just sitting around being in the way. I don't know what people who don't doodle do. (which is a fun sentence to say out loud. Try it. Seriously, it's fun.) But yeah...

Don't get me wrong...I don't want to be in a situation where my own personal ea_spouse (if I had one,) writes big ranty letters about how I am being worked into an early grave with 90 hour weeks with 40 hour pay and no bonuses. I do love my job. I mean, I get to take my cat to work and I have a killer computer and two big ol' flat screen monitors which have completely spoiled me. Way.

I think I just have a serious case of the blahs! And y'know...I *really* wish I were the type when I'm feeling depressed forgets to eat and only notices like 20 lbs later kind of thing. As is, I'm scarfing down a bowl of vanilla ice cream that got left in the freezer at work with a bit of Nestle Quick spooned on to top it. Yeah, I'm gross. Like really. Snort...and I'm supposed to RUN tomorrow?! Pbhttt.

I'm trying to figure out where the smug confident supremely talented and witty Jett went.


Okay, now that I drew that I feel a lot better.

I AM going to have to go for a run tonight.

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