August 5th, 2005


"What's under every pony tail?" or "The Interview"

By popular demand, me with short hair.

Click the image for the full interview and see me, mere minutes after my haircut.

Props to xenologue who filmed and can be heard asking me questions. Yes, urbanepleb can be heard asking me questions as well. Sheesh, you people.

(I have to confess this clip cracks me feels so `documentary.'
It's also interesting watching myself on video. I had no idea I was
so animated.)
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"Near. FAAARRR" or "At the Waterfall"

At Webster's Falls:Warning...extreme dorkiness

I think this is one of the best "Alex & Jett" pictures in years. The only one that is even remotely this good was taken in May 2002. We were in dire need of something recent & decent. (Hey, lookit! I'm a poet!)

Anyway, click the picture for the video. And again, I AM a dork...but I figure one can never be TOO wrong by doing Muppet impersonations. Who doesn't love "Near! Far!"

I'm still trying to figure out where I got even HALF of those bruises that I gleefully show off...and the one on my shin? It is fairly attractive by this point. Oooh...purple and green! There's a bit of a lump actually. I once hit myself on the shin with a croquet mallet (shut up!) and the lump was there for a year and a half. I'll be curious to observe the progress on this one.

Also, note to self...your hat backwards looks tres stupid... but it was to keep the hair out of my face. (This was shot pre haircut.)

Whaddya think sirs?