August 3rd, 2005


"Double Take" or "Take Two"

Woke up and did a doubletake as I staggered into the bathroom.

I have bed head. Hee.

Didn't go with Amanda and Alex to watch them play hockey. In stealth fashion, after they left, I snuck into Alex's room and crashed on her bed.

I'm bucking to leave early so we can stop by Niagra (I've never seen it really,) on the way to Buffalo. This may be tricky as Alex is tarred. I think she was up late chatting with bobbyfiend and now wants a hard core nap. THANKS BOBBYFIEND. So, we'll see how it plays out.

UPDATE: We are leaving in an hour. I should probably eat something and get dressed. Just a thought.

UPDATE THE SECOND: Alex and Amanda are both crashed on the twin recliners, Alex snoring to beat the band. The highlight of watching this so far is watching Amanda sleepily reaching over to crack a loud SNAP in Alex's ear which makes her stop snoring. Five minutes later though she's at it again. I'm wondering how much more time elapses before Amanda reaches over and snaps again.

Truly this is a spectator sport.