August 2nd, 2005


"Morning" or "Goodbye, farewell..."

The early epilogue:

It's been such a roller coaster of a trip I'm not sure how long it will take to process it all. I've had to mentally chop it up and each section deserves much mulling.

Part the First:Hello, I'm a tourist!

Hanging out with Bryce in Toronto was just plain ol' fun. Goofiness factor was very high and it was fun just seeing what would happen every day. There's no way I could have planned sitting under that tent with him and chatting it up with Sarah from Manchester or seeing if I could get the Quiznos guy to give me a hat or hanging out the distillery district and watching the jugglers.
It was also incredibly good for my soul to see all my friends from see where they are at, hear what they are working on and to have them equally intersted in my life. It was also really good for my ego to be able to tell them the things I had done and was working on. I left feeling very missed and very talented.

Part the Second: Yeah...I DO remember you.
I will have it burned into my brain being buzzed in to her apartment and going up those ratty, ill lit stairs and proceeding down the hall and seeing the door open and have her run out and run at me. It's been a long time since I had seen her and it knocked my lizard brain for a loop at how many things instantly came back.
Hanging out with Alex. Not even sure where to start with this one. It was jaw dropping to see her in the play for the first time. I knew she would be good...I didn't think she would be THAT good.
I started to feel like her entourage/groupie since I saw every performance with the exception being opening night. The big fun, hooray highlight for me though was going and doing the audition with Alex for "The Mousetrap." Happy to report (and probably she should report it, but hey,) she received a part in the play. I am feeling delighted and smug.

Part the Third: There are too many kids in this tub!

The hero of this particular act is urbanepleb who had her apartment descended upon with no real means of escape.

I can't even pretend to write a pithy sum up as yet of this sequence. It was fun and awkward and silly and horrible and insane and thought provoking and liberating and claustrophobic and a whole bunch of other words that really are kind of meaningless to me right now. It makes Part I and Part II feel like they were lifetimes ago. I look at my sketchbook, now almost filled and reading the first few pages, "I'm going to Canada!" and it makes me wonder who the heck drew them.

I went on a lot of walks. I went bowling and played pool with urbanepleb. I went to the beach with bridgetarian and urbanepleb. I saw Alex's show for the last time and was surprised to find myself crying. Um, hello....Trojan WOMEN. Greek TRAGEDY...did you think it was going to be any different for the last performance? I found myself sad to say goodbye to the cast at the final cast party.
Also got sunstroke and taken home and had one of our patented "Atwood family crashes."
Went on walk with eralcym.
Went on a walk with bobbyfiend. "So." "So."
Stood under a waterfall.
Sat on a rock with xenologue

I am tired. And numb.

One last thing on my list to do.

And I am ready to go home.
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"Hello, Goodbye, Hello!" or "My gosh, I'm STILL in Canada!"

After my last oh so melodramatic post I went and got my final business taken care of:

After a false start we made our way to a little hole in the wall hair salon and with a few gulps, I sat down and told the lady to cut the entire thing off. She seemed confused for a second and I had to explain it to her. It is a bizarre feeling to hear and feel one's hair being sawed off...but 3 healthy cuts...and it was gone. Hair...good BYE. I'm sending the pony tail to Locks of Love to help make some cancer kid a wig.

She tidied it up and it was a kind of surreal experience to put my glasses back on and see a familiar face looking back. Why hello! Where have YOU been? I felt a series of things.
1. I felt LIGHTER. Even after the pony tail was cut off...there was an awful lot of hair on the floor.
2. I felt TALLER. Probably goes along with the taller part.
3. I felt like ME again. Hellloooo. Darn, you're cute. Welcome back! ;)

The rest of the morning was spent putzing around a bit and then we headed off to the airport.

It had started to storm as we were parking and I was getting a bit nervous since I thought we were cutting things close and my heart sank even more as I saw the queue in front of the American terminal. The line was LOONNNG and after talking to one of the attendants, she said due to the weather EVERYTHING was backed up and was only going to get worse. I told Alex a few times as she graciously waited in line with me that she didn't have to stay and she could just go home.
As it turns out, I am exceedingly grateful she did not.

And while the line was crazy long to wait in, it turned out to be a good thing we waited as long as we did. If I had made it through the queue and through the gates...I would still be at that fraking airport.

As has been on the news all afternoon, while we were waiting in line an airplane flying in from France overshot the landing strip and crashed. As we waited in line we started hearing the rumors that a plane had crashed and caught fire and by the time (finally!) Alex and I made it to front, we could smell the burning. As we talked with the lady up front, trying to figure out how to get me home, the decision came down from on high that they were closing the airport.
Due to the backlog, everything was booked until nearly Friday. I have already been here long enough and certainly overstayed my welcome PLUS I have that whole day job thing I kinda want to get back to...and so, after a quick look at Alex whom I was sure was going to cheerfully murder me for suggesting it (not that she wants me to stay until Friday, she's just really sick of her car and that particular drive)...I asked if there was a way I could fly to Salt Lake from BUFFALO tomorrow.

So yes...tomorrow, after hockey and some futzing in the morning...I am crossing that fraking border for the THIRD time...this time to hopefully go home. I am tired. I'm sure my hosts are tired of me...and I was rather looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight.

Amanda and I had a rather longish but nice walk this evening.

I would like to say that I look like my typing icon again.

Also, my music selection I have decided is my personal theme song for the next bit. Chew on THAT.
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