July 5th, 2005


RRARR!, Or, I'm so athletic I can barely move.

Okay, that is exaggerating it somewhat...I'm surprised I'm not as stiff as I thought I would be.

I had been telling people I had been dying for a good long bike ride. By the time I got home yesterday I was simply dying. (cue the rim shot.)


Yesterday I rode my bike from Farmington into Salt Lake, worked for a bit and then rode back to Farmington. All in, about a 45 mile jaunt. The going to SLC made for a beautiful ride. It was still relatively cool and it was big fun as I cruised through Centerville and hit the early parade route. Hi everybody! All these people along the road to cheer me on, how sweet. The air was sweet, the traffic was non existant. I was almost sad when I made it in to work.

Things change.


Five hours later as I swung back into the saddle I instantly winced. Those two little bones that you sit on? Well, the flesh between my seat and those bones felt absolutely pulverized. It was bad enough I thought about just waiting by the bus stand and taking the bus back to Farmington except...except...it was the 4th of July...and no public transit. Um...ouch. To make matters worse, there was a bit of a hot south wind blowing...right against me.
Going up Beck Street trying to keep my teeth from rattling out of my head was probably the worst part though. The asphalt had completely distengrated and there was no place on the road that wouldn't bounce me all over.
The sun was HOT, the wind was HOT and I was only a third into the return when I ran out of water.

Still, nothing to do but just go.

Just pedal. OW OW OW OW .



The last third was excruciating.

The last mile and a half I felt like crying.

When I got home I think my parents felt like laughing.

Heck, I'd probably be laughing at myself too.

"Hey, wanna sit down? Nyuk nyuk!"

Still though, I was crazy proud of myself and I'm even more astounded I am doing as well as I am today. I used to ride in or out all the time though I rarely biked both ways. It's been a few years. Guess those early morning spin classes have paid off. There is no way I could've done this a year ago or even 6 months. Well, I couldn't have done it months ago because, dude...January. COLD.


In other atheltic news, I decided I'm going to run the 5K for Farmington Festival Days this upcoming Saturday. Yes, I am still going to run the one in August with the roommates but I want to run one by myself...so I can see how a race feels. Not really going for a time... I just want:

1. To finish and run the whole time (pretty sure I can do that.)
2. Not come in last. (Not exactly a speed demon here.)

Cool. My first race. Hopefully the first of many.
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