June 26th, 2005

Flying Ace

Sunday walks

It was a really decent Sunday. Many topics and much discussion in Relief Society, same for a decent lesson in Sunday School. Plus I really like the song we are working on.

After church I went home and nokiai and I made dinner and watched the last 2 episodes in the Law and Order: SVU marathon. I miss Alex and have never really warmed up to Casey. She seems kind ... of... dumb. Apparently some newsgroups call her Lurchy McLurch which, the first time I read it made me laugh out loud.

After dinner and cleanup I asked nokiaiif she were up for a walk. We walked all the way past state and roamed for quite a while about the avenues before heading back. When all was said and done we figured it was about a 4 mile jaunt. My legs are actually a little twitchy right now.

While on the walk we had a pretty good chat. No...let me rephrase...I had a good discussion/rant and Rachael was a good sounding board.


11 years ago today was my missionary farewell.
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Note to self:

Dear Jeanette...

Can you please just sleep through the night instead of waking up totally wide awake with nightmares night after night after night?



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