June 11th, 2005

Flying Ace

Where I lose it with a roommate in front of her friends at 4 AM.

I just got woken up out of a nightmare by much stomping and talking around upstairs. (The front room is right above my bed.) I tried to ignore it but when it got louder I went upstairs and gaped at the number of people milling about.

Shelby went out and apparently brought a number of people back.

She was pointing out pictures on the wall and I waited for her to turn around and notice me, AWAKE, in my pajamas at 4AM.
"Ooops." she said when she finally saw me. "Um, were we that loud?"
"With that walking? And stomping? And talking?"
I did try not to snarl.

"Heh." she said, gesturing to 2 boys I didn't recognize from her usual crew of boys. "This is my roommate. She's mad."
"Um," one said a little awkwardly. "I'd be mad too if I were woken up at 4 AM."
"Jeanette," she said a little weakly, trying to pretend this was all very funny, "These are... oh shoot. I've forgotten their names."

Long pause.

"You are bringing people to our HOME at 4 in the morning and you don't even know their NAMES? Remind me to start sleeping with my DOOR LOCKED!"

The guys looked embarassed.

"Nice to meet you." I said to them as I went back downstairs.

As I closed my door I paused for a moment.

And then I locked it.
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