May 11th, 2005


Naked Tuesday

Thought I would shake myself out of the rut and use inks last night.  The result were some messy drawings but I think they have a lot of gesture and life to them.  I should do it more often.

  Five minutes:

Again, sloppy but fun.  I think if I practiced doing this more often I would have a better understanding on how better to accurately break down the lights and darks.

  Twenty minutes:

What do you think sirs?

A little more subtle than the five minute gestures but again, kind of messy.  I like it though.

Because I am strange...

When I am told that I am smart, I am perfectly capable of  smiling and saying thank you.
I have no problems being  told that I am talented, funny, creative, witty, interesting, charming or even that I have nice  teeth.  Which I do.  Thank you mom and dad and Dr. Chris.

I HATE being called good looking or beautiful or sexy.  I'm sure they think they are being flirtatious but it makes me want to punch them in the nose.
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