May 10th, 2005

Flying Ace



Kudos to my coworker who came up and solidly clapped their hand on my shoulder.  THAT was beautiful.  And by beautiful, I mean hurts like 100 knitting needles being jammed in my shoulder and up through my neck.  Mmmmyeah.  Can't put a price on THAT one.
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Beyond that I'm doing pretty well.  Getting tired of the rain.  If I wanted a constant drizzle I would have stayed in Seattle.
Flying Ace

Animation. REAL animation.

Finally, finally, finally with our kata in Wadu-Ryu nokiai and I got through Form #6. We have been chomping to learn this one since, oh late February. Hopefully next Tuesday we can convince Sabina to start us on #7.

It has been a good day. There is not another cart rigged up ready for me to start animating so I have been doing some character stuff as kind of show off piece for our next game. It's been SO much fun working on something that isn't so game specific...actually moving the character in space and trying to imbue him with a bit of a thought's fun and incredibly challenging.

Makes me remember why I really really love animation. Game animation has made me a bit lazy.

I love animation because every scene is like a little puzzle...putting it together, getting the timing right, seeing where you can steal a frame from...pushing a hold so far...will the audience notice if I pop his foot from that position to this position or should I smooth it out? What will look better? If I inbetween it too much, will the animation get soggy and mushy? What sort of walk does he far can I push that pose? It's maddening and intoxicating at the same time.


My roommate's friend's husband: You take your cat to the VET? (laughs.)
Me: Um, YEAH, every year!
My roommate's friend's husband: Why? We never took our cats to the vet and they lived FOREVER. They lived, like TEN YEARS.
Me: Cats are supposed to live to like EIGHTEEN.

Some people should NOT have pets. I told his wife he was an idiot and to take their cat to the vet every year. Sheesh.
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