April 22nd, 2005

Flying Ace

Truth, Justice, the American Way and Superman's costume...

In fifty years I am sure posterity will not care what Aunt Jeanette's opinions are in regards to this, but as an unapologetic Superman nut since I was 5 years old, I'm going to grace you all with my 2 cents in regards to the unveiling of the new Superman suit.

I have been feeling dubious about the new Superman movie ever since Tim Burton expressed an interest in doing one and wanting to cast Nicholas Cage...NICHOLAS CAGE and felt rather pleased when I realized it had gotten stuck in development hell.
Now however, it seems to be getting made...and holy cow...I like the director...and holy cow, they went with an unknown (and he's got brown eyes instead of blue, but I can live with that,) ...and okay, I'm a purist, I like the old shield better but I also recognize nobody else can even really tell the difference. 
Today though, they have unveiled the new superman costume...and...I...don't...hate...it.
I don't mind the darker colors of the boots and the cape and I suspect they are going for the older Max Fleisher look with the smaller shield (I like the larger one myself,  but at least they're not going total old school and putting a black background on the shield) ... in fact my only two quibbles are...I don't like the mini shield on the belt and I don't like the neckline and how the cape tucks in.  At least they didn't put him in some leather armored gear like they did with Batman as well as The X-Men.  Superman doesn't need armor.  Bullets bounce off HIM...not his suit.

So...we'll see.

Now I'm going to wish John Williams was doing the music and please, please, please, please don't full the soundtrack with a bunch of "hip and cool" flavor of the month groups.  Do a SCORE dammit!


Yes.  Yes, I'm geeky.
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Flying Ace

Random murders...

I killed someone last night.

Some random girl.  She was young, kind of fat and for some reason she had come to collect for the newspaper or some other small thing.  I told her to wait a second, I would get it...and then I jumped on her and strangled her down the the floor and didn't let up until I felt her body relax.  I then got some knives and fileted her, putting packets of meat into large ziplock bags and packing them into the freezer.  I then put what was left into the garbage can.

I went about my business.

A few days later, I realized what I had done.  I started to shake, thinking about the enormity of what I had done.  Of all my concerns, my protestations that I was trying to be a good person...I had randomly murdered some girl.  I wondered about her family. 

"Surely," I said to myself,  "This must be a dream!  I can not believe that *I* would do this thing."  I went to the freezer and saw all the packets of meat...and realized she was not the first.  I was flooded with memories of other random murders I had done. 


I then woke up.

I have seriously freaked myself out.  Even in my dreams, how could I randomly kill somebody?
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On your mark...get set...

Tomorrow I will be attempting something I have wanted a long time to try.  Scott McCloud of Understanding Comics fame started all of this off at a dare with him and a friend and it has grown.  Tomorrow over 70 locations will be hosting the event, some in areas as diverse as Serbia and Thailand.

Jett, what ARE you yammering on about?

I yammer about the 24 Hour Comic.

The what?

The 24 Hour comic.

What is THAT?

It's considered the ultimate smackdown cartoonist challenge.  Consider it a marathon for cartoonists.

The 24 Hour Comic dares  the cartoonist to write, draw and ink 24 pages ...in 24 hours.  If that doesn't boggle your mind, please consider that it takes at least a month to put together a regular comic book. 

Da rules:
1. You are allowed to collect all your materials...your pencils, your pens, the bristol board before hand, but once your pencil hits the page, the clock starts ticking.  You are allowed to leave your desk, eat and take naps...but the clock ticks.
2. You are not to plan out your story in advance.  The idea is to sit down, start drawing and see where it goes.

In order  to complete the 24 hour comic, you have to go at a page an hour...but think about it...if you divide the page into a standard 6 panel layout...that's 10 minutes a panel.  You can draw a LOT in 10 minutes, no?

Why the heck are you doing that?!

Um...because I WANT to?

Won't you get tired?
Pbhttt.  Um, YEAH. 

What do you win?

You don't WIN anything...you just get to brag that you did it.  How many runners REALLY enter marathons expecting they have a shot of coming in first?

So, it's a speed thing?

No...it's a `Can you complete it' thing!

Anyway, tomorrow at Night Flight comics at the SLC library, you will find me chained to my desk with 8 other artists.  I'm thinking about taking my laptop and hooking up my webcam so my adoring public can peek in every so often.  Yea, nay?

So, if you can, stop by, say hello, see how we're doing.  Night Flight will be open all 24 hours and if you come in after midnight you get 24% off your purchase which actually is a pretty cool deal.

So, wish me luck!