April 21st, 2005

Flying Ace

Speaking of plays...

I get to review the touring production of "Thorougly Modern Millie" today.  It's been a while since I've got to see anything at the Capitol Theatre.  Plus, since I'm a reviewer, the tickets are sure to be great and they are throwing in dinner for two.  I'm aware I'm being bribed but I don't care.  I'm having dinner at Bacci's.
Flying Ace

Short review:

The musical was AMAAAAZING.

Dinner was fabulous.

I sat and ate dinner with the Marketing Director of Gastronomy Utah...and when she says "You must try this..." you must try THAT. I am so incredibly stuffed. Also at the table were other reporters, some radio broadcasters, the head of marketing for the Capitol Theater... it was an amaaaaaazing dinner.
And when it was over...we got gift bags! Squeeeeee!

I am so full, so properly wined and dined.

Now I just want to make out with someone on my couch. C'mere baby!

And no...no way I'm able to make it to kickboxing tonight. I would throw up Very Expensive Food.
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