April 16th, 2005


20 things I did today...

1. Ran errands.
2. Went to see my sister.
3. Hung out with mr_scienceand Big H.
4. Gave Big H his birthday present. "TOOO MAASS!!! IT'S TOOMASSS!!!"
5. Played on the lawn.
6. Measured lots of things.
7. Tried to fly a kite on a windless day.
8. Welcomed my sister home.
9. Helped unload her car.
10. Let princess_oopen up her ceramic dishes
11. Got to hold Hazel. So small... so teenie weenie...so cute. I am already smitten.
12. Had some dinner.
13. Went to Farmington.
14. Hung out with my mom.
15. Picked up nokiai at the airport
16. Came home.
17. Discovered Beowulf was outside.
18. Scheduled a roommate meeting tomorrow so I can discuss why the @#$% my CAT WAS LEFT OUTSIDE ALL DAY.
19. Now in bed with a warm sock full of rice around my neck.
20. ZZZZZ...
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