April 6th, 2005


Naked Tuesday

What a great night!  The ever lovely Cassandra was back and she always has such interesting poses.  I think her best ones are when she is more languid than athletic and her skin does interesting things with the light.  She's very pale ...almost transluscent which comes from being a Vegan methinks.  No, I'm serious...have you noticed how Vegan purists almost look milky?  Anyway, it's fun to try and capture.


Cassandra:  5 minute gestures

Not bad, not great.  The purpose of them mostly is to warm up.  I've also been drawing them on smooth bristol board which is interesting because there is very little tooth to the paper. 

Cassandra:  40 minutes

A breakthrough!!!  I am so pleased with this one.  It really looks like her and doesn't look like a cartoon.  I think I have lost my fear of nice paper.

Anyway, due to daylight savings this was the first long pose we've had with natural light.  There wasn't any problem the first twenty minutes but the last twenty I noticed how quickly the light was changing and quickly grabbed the white pencil and started laying in the highlights.  Thank goodness for my animator training for speed because I just barely caught it before it went away.

Anyway, yeah, I am super pleased with those one and might frame it and show it to my sister's mother in law who runs a small crafty art store.

What do you think sirs?