April 3rd, 2005

Flying Ace

On Being Aunt Jeanette: One more TIIME!

So late, late in the evening on April 1st I became an aunt again.

She offically had 3 weeks to go but I guess decided that the world was much too interesting a place to wait around anymore. After causing a lot of stress with her positioning, (she seemed to be preferring sitting down in my sister's pelvis,) she decided to get in the right place and shortly after the doctors determined she was no longer breech they started my sister on the meds that would induce the labor.

I'm sure she will be posting about all of that...it's not really my story to tell.

What I will tell is this.

I love being an aunt. I love being a part of their lives. I love knowing them and knowing they love me unconditionally. I love seeing who they become.

I have always been supremely close to my oldest nephew. I hadn't been home from my mission for a month when I found out my sister was expecting. I whooped and ran around the house in an excited frenzy. I spent a lot of time over at her place for her first pregnancy and my mom and I were the first ones on the scene after he had been delivered.

I was frantically trying to get my student film assembled and rendered my last few months of art school when my (now oldest) niece was born. I was with my friend BJ as I opened the email that had her baby pictures and we both gaped at two things.
1. Her hair. She seriously looked like a little monkey!
2. Her nose. We decided she would grow into it.
I stayed in Canada a few extra days and had even contemplated staying a full month so I could attend the official graduation but instead came home just in time to attend her baby blessing. She was so beautiful...all pink and sleepy with lots of dark, dark hair. She is now an exceptionally tall five year old with golden hair and blue, blue eyes and yes, she has grown into her nose. She is ALL girl and worships all things PINK. I used to be afraid of having a girl like that...I wouldn't know what to DO with her, I would say. Now I know. I will just let her be herself and give her all things pink.
3. I was in Seattle when Big H was born. I was going through a bit of a depression...my job had not rematerilized like it was supposed to, I was reeling over some personal matters, in short, I was in a deep dark funk. So when I got the news that my sister had just given birth to a healthy baby boy I was glad for that particular bit of good news. I was unable to make it home for his baby blessing but when I moved back to Utah a few months later I made sure that I would get to know this guy as well.
He is such a happy adventurer. He wants to do everything his older siblings do and screams enthusiastically as I drive.
"AUG NEETTE! A TWAIN TWAX!!! A TWAIN TWAX!!! WOOK! AG NEG, TWAIN TWAX!!!" It's cute. 50 miles later, not so much...but he is adorable.

I was one of the first people to know about this particular pregnancy. I got a call on my cell phone wondering if I could PLESAE leave work early and come down to baby sit. No problem. I had a good evening with the kids and when I later saw my sister she asked me if I wanted to know why it was an emergency. I had been afraid it had been some bit of marital strife and so had not asked.
My first gut instinct was to quip, "Oh, you're pregnant?" but I opted to not. I thought Big H was going to be the last one and I didn't want to get a "me and pregnancy is none of your business lecture!" Not that I had ever HAD one of those from her, but I always figured inquiring about people's prenancy status was fairly rude.

So I DIED when she reached into her purse and pulled out a little ultrasound. I gaped at it for a second and then started to SqueeEEEEeeee. I was sworn to secrecy...which I kept until I couldn't take it any more and spilled the beans to xenologue more than a few weeks later. I should've just kept my mouth shut. Two days after I told xenologue, wyckhurst made her big announcement.

And now, the waiting is over and my sister gave birth to a beautiful little girl on April Fools Day. She is small (5lbs 9 oz, 18 inches long,) but I have been told the doctors have pronounced her perfect. I haven't met her yet...I'm not sure if what I have is allergies or a resurgence of bronchitis that I had two years ago...but I can't wait to. Someone else in the world who will call me Aunt Jeanette... and will learn the appropriate response to



The picture thatsighted posted is beautiful.
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Flying Ace

In other news...

I have a rip roaring case of sick!

I've been fighting SOMETHING since Thursday evening but figured it was allergies...I mean, tis the season and all that. I went to bed completely exhausted Friday evening but figured a lot of that was from dealing with S, O and H who were also off their regular schedule.

I felt MUCH better on Saturday morning (I'm thinking the Nyquil I took the night before helped) and actually felt pretty good for my Big Fun Day with O.
Today though...I have been having deep hacking coughs...(feels like my bronchitis again,) I can't really get WARM and I want to sleep all the time.

Now...I can deal with being sick...but what really worries me...like a LOT... is that I spent some time at my parents house... my mom is recovering from knee surgery... and I spent a LOT of time with my sister's kids ... especially with O yesterday... and they just arrived back at their house with their dad, mom and newborn BABY SISTER in tow!

So, the grand majority of my prayers tonight:

Please do not let my mom or those kids get sick!
That is all, thank you, AMEN.

PS: Please let this theraflu kick in, let me warm up and then fall ASLEEP.

(and not throw up!)
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