March 30th, 2005

Flying Ace

"OW OW OW" or "Why Jett Needs To Buy Shin Guards"

In a freak moment of impromptu sparring in the kitchen nokiaimanaged to get THE perfect shot in at my leg. We both went to kick each other and her fast moving knee connected solidly on the edge of my shin. I now sport a deep muscle bruise and can barely WALK.

Tomorrow will be fun.
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Naked Tuesday

It's the end of the month and so the last time with Steve.  Last week I used the last page of my "ghetto book" and while they have been fun I'm looking forward to drawing on something other than flattened out paper bags stitched together with a cover of scrap mat board.  In order to celebrate I went out and bought nice paper specifically for the Tuesday night session.

Some clarification to Naked Tuesday since  there seems to be some confusion.

I am not a student.  This is not a bona fide class. 

I am a professional animator and I do this every Tuesday because
1. I love it.
2. It's good for my portfolio.
3. It's good for me artistically.
4. Many other reasons.

What it IS is a group that meets at an artist's studio every Tuesday night for the purpose of figure studies.  We start out with 5 gestures that last five minutes and then the rest of the evening is a long pose.

Any other questions?

Click the thumbnail for the full image
  Steve: A selection of 5 minute gestures

I like them.  I wish I had been able to go a little bit faster so I could have done a better job on his feet and hands but his face actually isn't too bad in most of the drawings.  The one in right top corner is actually only a 3 minute drawing.

  Steve: One Hour

Well...I have mixed feelings about this one.  One the one hand, I think there is a lot that works rather well.  On the other it comes out looking a little more cariacatured than I would have liked.  It also come out a little more `high contrast' than I had originally anticipated though that does seem to be one of my trademarks.



What do you think sirs?
Flying Ace

My mom is STONED

Just talked to my mom in the hospital.  Her knee surgery went well and they already had her doing some walking exercises this morning.  She's on a few lortabs and something akin to morphine.  (She couldn't remember exactly what it was.)  She is looooooOOOOOooooppy.

I can't wait to see her tonight.
Flying Ace

The art of making art...

onceupon made the most interesting post this morning about art.  I commented but it got long enough that I thought, "Hey, this could easily be a big long rambling entry.  I must share."

Not sure how well these comments will fit into your post but having drawn all my life, after having been to art school, working professionally as an animator and hanging out at a local atelier for a year and a half I have put a lot of thought into art and what it is.
I think everybody to one extent or another does art even if they don't consciously recognize it as such. I agree with you that once the basic needs are met there is something inherent in humanity that makes us strive for more...and that can be called art.
With that said, I think there are also different degrees of art. Jackson Pollock has been mentioned in your comments at how profound his work actually IS and how you have to be educated to "get it," and that opinion is fine but you'll forgive me if I would rather look at Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling. I'm sorry but working on a fresco painting THAT good, THAT large for THAT long brings me to my knees more than dribbled paint on a canvas.
Someone can make the most incredible hats out of polar fleece and that's great...but you'll forgive me if I am more blown away by the paintings done by the artist who owns the atelier.
I guess I am an elitist but I think while art has a slipperly definition, it is disingenious to consider all artists...and all art to be on the same playing field.
I went to an art show a few months ago at the University of Utah. It was for one of the student's master thesis and when I talked to him about it... (most were small pieces of cobbled together tiled art and various collages,) I asked him how long it had taken to put togther this current body of work. I was frankly stunned when he said it had been 4 really intensive months for about 90% of it. (There were over 50 pieces hanging on the wall.)
How much thought can go into something that you crank out in 2 days? And for a masters?

Now, I'm a cartoonist...I take about 2 hours for a really good cartoon though when I go into color they have been known to take up to 12 so I'm not exactly of the opinion that art needs to take a long time and be a tortured laborious process...

...but then I don't consider cartooning to be easily compared with something like say, "The Last Supper."

Apparently universities are starting to come under a(in my opinion a long over due) backlash of students who are tired of being told, "Oh be free! Challenge yourself and the audience and bascially splatter paint around!" They are more increasingly frustrated students who want to learn to draw things that look like paint figures that look like FIGURES.

More and more co-op and ateliers are cropping up with the intent of studying the old masters and their techniques and I for one couldn't be more pleased.

I suppose I am rambling but I guess in my elitist brain while I admire all things creative...(my sister made the most AMAZING wall quilt!) I don't consider all art to be equally great and study and disclipline are more impressive to me than some street artist who wants to "challenge the audience."


Flying Ace

Mom's knee and a wandering cat who showed up on our porch.

Went and saw my mom this evening. She is doing well. She raved about her physical therapy. She went to it in a wheelchair and walked out with crutches. Not too bad for a woman who had some pretty intense knee surgery less than 24 hours ago. She mentioned she is a believer in exercise now after that.
Hopefully she will able to get some better exercise now that her knee won't be causing her to limp around.

Something that was interesting...she had been going a bit knock kneed with the pain and pressure and years of that leg taking the brunt of the work and now that it has been replaced the doctor thinks it will be a lot straighter. She might possible gain some height back which would be cool.

Anyway, we had a nice chat and several people called while I was there. Enough time anyway to knock her out a cartoon card which made her laugh and she showed it off to the nurse. It has her there in bed, crazy as a loon saying, " tap dance recital is in 2 weeks!" and my dad is looking at the doctor and asking, "How much lortab did you GIVE her?" I'm sure it will wind up in her "Jeanette file" which I think still has the cartoon I did 15 years ago for her back surgery.


When I got home this evening my roommate said, "We have a new addition to our house!"
I hear that and I think a new room has been built or a baby has been born and so I was confused. They cleared it up for me. Apparently one of my roommates saw a cat shivering on our porch and let him in. He is still HERE.

The advantage of him is that Mischief is more interested in him than Beowulf and this new guy seems kittenish enough that he will play back.

However...and this is a BIG however...

Unlike some of my roommates, *I* am a responsible pet owner and if this new guy is to stay he would have to go to the vet, get FIXED, get his shots and a full workup and I myself can not afford that. I can only be responsible for one cat. Beowulf goes to work with me. If I need to be gone for an extended period of time my parents can take him because he has earned enough goodwill they are happy to have him. It would be irresponsible of me to try to legally own more than one at this time. Someday perhaps, but not today.

I'm not a fan of the idea of a "communal cat." SOMEBODY is going to have to claim him and it's not going to be ME and the other cat owner can barely take care of herself and her own cat.

I'm not sure of this guys history but he is NOT interested in going back outside (can't blame him, it's COLD out there,) but he likes being petted, he knows how to use a litter box, he's fairly social. He obviously is somebodys cat.

We are going to take a picture of him tomorrow and make fliers and put them around. Hopefully somebody will call and claim him. I really think he is somebody's cat. I hope he has not been abandoned because he's not quite a kitten anymore which I am sure is what happened to Edward. I am afraid because I have a very tender heart and I am really trying not to like this guy.

One of my roommates called him "Socks" this evening. and I tried to put the kibosh on that. Names mean they STAY... if if they STAY we are not naming him SOCKS. Sheesh people, have a LITTLE creativity! Cats should have COOL names. Not "Simba." Not "SOCKS."

Now...let me go look up literary names for wandering strangers or mysterious people who show up on doorsteps...

Crap, crap crap...don't name the CAT.

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