March 19th, 2005


Saturday is a special day...

Today has been good. I have cleaned my room, drawn several cartoons and saw The Ring 2...which wasn't nearly as good as the first. The first one was creepy and had some interesting questions and implications raised. This one, everyone was just stupid. And no fun catchphrases one can leave on answering machines at 3:00 AM. "Seven daaaayyyysssss!" will always be a particular favorite of mine.

Later Rachel and I dropped off some DVDs at the tower...ate at Wendys... (hey they have a fruit bowl and the salad is good. I was craving an ice cream since today IS my free day so we went to the equilivalent of Cold Stone...but not nearly as good. Now I feel a suger headache coming and and want to drink a gallon of water to flush this through. I'm stupid.

Having a nap this evening since I signed up to be part of the Spin-a-Thon they are having at my gym to raise money for AIDS research. My spinning shift is rather I'd like to be rested for it. I am grateful my ward meets at 1:15 tomorrow.

And Beowulf is asleep, purring softly on my feet.
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