March 5th, 2005

happy did it go?

" did your date go?" my roommates asked as I wished McKay a good night and went back into my house.

He picked me up, right on time. I had had enough time to have a shower, shampoo my hair and yes, I broke out the razor. I needed to do that particular chore anyway since I was getting to the point of wanting to kidnap Fae Wray and climb tall buildings.

He looked pretty much like I remembered him, a bit taller than me, bright blue eyes and wire glasses, slightly snaggly teeth (enough to be slightly endearing) and boy, in another 3 or 4 years he was just going to be BALD. He was also wearing a bright red Tshirt with the Nintendo logo on it and something like "Nintendo addicts society" written. I decided not to be annoyed because I had actually dressed up a bit for this, gosh darn it, put in some makeup and he was wearing a joke Tshirt.

He didn't really know any restaurants around SLC (turns out he's from Orem but is making a big move to PROVO.) so I mentioned a few and we settled on Thai Foon. It's one of my favorite places and have taken many people there. I also decided not to be annoyed that he asks me out and I have to pick the restaurant.

The wait was around 40 minutes so we roamed around the nearby Barnes and Noble for a while.

Now, I think a bookstore is almost a perfect first date place because there isn't any pressure to DO anything or BUY anything. All you have to do it roam around and chat and see where the other person likes to roam and see how they react when you stroll by the graphic novels and biographies of past presidents. (I love presidential bios.)

He mostly followed me around and confessed when he wanted a book he would just go to Amazon. Now, I have NO problem with ordering books online but I also love the randomness of see things that you wouldn't ordinarily seek out but still have them reach out and grab you. I did note he pulled out his palm pilot several times and jotted down titles.

So it wasn't a shock when we finally sat down to dinner and he looked at me seriously and said, "I feel I should tell you straight up, I am a geek."
I laughed.
"I think I figured that out when you told me you were a programmer! They kind of go hand in hand."
So we talked about geekiness, degrees of, (he told me he wore the shirt on the first date to remove all doubt.)

During most of the evening I kept looking at him trying to figure out how old he was. People when they get around 25 or so...start to age. Just teeny, tiny little things, oh so subtle...and he didn't seem to have any...but his HAIR said late 20s. So when he mentioned his mission I asked him how long he had been home.

His face scrunched up and he looked up trying to calculate and I thought, "Oh, he has to THINK about it...this is a good sign."
"Um, 3 years," he said.
"Three years?" I said. Oh man, that makes him...
"I just turned 24."

" old are you?" he asked me.
"Oh man," I laughed. "I'm so not going to tell you." Well, I knew I was but I was curious to see where he thought I was at.
"Well, let me think about what I know. You graduated from that's 4 years..."
'No, It was a 3 year program."
", you graduated from said you went to Weber State for 2 years..."
"I went on a MISSION," I chime in.
"You did?"
He looks startled by this. I am curious as to the reasons why but am content to sit and let him work out my age.
"So...2 years...three years...a year and a half... that'd make you ...that'd only make you 24."
I remind him I graduated from college...FIVE YEARS AGO.
He again looks startled...
"You're ... 29?"
"Dude. I'm 31."

He seemed almost distraught. "I thought you were 26 or 27, tops!"
Thank you. That you very, very much.

So, as we went home we chatted a bit but I think we were thinking along the same lines. Our ages were tooo far apart. I'm not sure how he felt...because I WAS charming and funny and dang it all, I prettied up for this... but for me, I was relieved that odds were there wasn't going to be a second date...and if he asked, I'd let him down gently...but I am NOT going out with someone who is almost 8 years younger than me.

So, I hope this satisfies everyone's curiousity.

Did I miss anything?
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